InWebo mAccess library for Android

Contains a complete Android application sample using inWebo mAccess library (Android Studio solution)

Minimum prerequisites: Android SDK and Build Tools version 24, Android 6 for fingerprint authentication

  • 2.15.0: Lib mAccess version 0.2.15. Added sealing with biometric authentication function to library

  • 2.9.3: Lib mAccess version 0.2.11 - Fixing a bug that may occur while retrieving a context information sent with a notification

  • 2.9.2: Lib mAccess version 0.2.11 - Possible to retrieve a context sent during an API call to pushAuthenticate

  • 2.9.1: Fixing a bug in inWebo mAccess library

  • 2.9.0: Adding a complete and fully functional code sample of authentication with fingerprint

  • 2.8.0: Lib mAccess version 0.2.8

mAccess library for Android is available for download HERE