This document indicates how to use the inWebo log API that allows you to retrieve your services' audit trail.

Connecting to the Audit trail

Creating a dedicated certificate

All calls to this API are performed on a per service base. Accessing the audit trail for a given service requires a valid certificate. You may generate this certificate in your administration console.

To do so:

  • Connect to inWebo administration console
  • Navigate to the appropriate service view
  • Go to "Secure Sites" and click on the "Download a new certificate for the API" button
  • Do not forget to set the certificate Right "Logs" option to "Yes"

Once you have downloaded your certificate, you may use it to make calls to the API.

Adding your certificate to your browser 

The method is different for each browser.

Reaching the Audit trail

Navigate to

This page will display the documentation that is directly embedded into our API.
It will also list all the methods available to retrieve your service logs.

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